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Believe In Yourself

You are the strongest that has ever been, Believe in Yourself!

You might say, ‘The youth are the leaders of today’ or say ‘They are the leaders of tomorrow.

I agree with any of the two.

I’ve never been a fanatic of time travel but I’ve surely watched some movies about it.

Picture this,

the current set of youths, or generally the young people will at some point be the people driving the economy. They’ll will be the people under watch in terms of setting the pace for innovation and technology. The transition has already started and the takeover has already started.

If you had twenty days to cut a tree, spent the first nineteen sharpening the axe, right? There is need for thorough preparation by the youth today, if they want to have a sit at the change makers table in the future.

Thinking of it, are we ready yet? Are we doing what it takes to reach the other side? Or we’d still wait till the last minute to sharpen our axes? We have to be ready to tackle the substantial changes in our society, economic, social and demographic changes. We have to get our ideas in place and ready for implementation.

As at this age, we should be setting achievable goals in preparation for the future era. The youth need to believe in their ideas, put them into action and impact the society positively. There is a lot we can explore and new fields we can venture into. As I recently wrote in my last blog, sometimes we have the ideas, but never work on actualizing them.

Lest I forget, grab any chance you have. Thinking of vying for a political seat, go for it! Looking for scholarships, apply, don’t let the drive in you varnish, go for it! The victor is the one that went to the battle field, they’ll always be remembered for trying, even at the times when they lost. More often than not, many live to be haunted by the much they could do when they had the chance. They however in one way or the other, let the chances go.

You have something in mind? You are not late, this is the time to work on it.

The first thing to do once you have an idea is to believe in it, for it is unique and from ‘YOU.’ However funny it is, trust you me, it is unarguably yours. The first phases can be tricky but just say, IT IS MINE, then step forward head up. Gather all your courage and guts and face the world, share your idea and you’ll be surprised to find that’s what they have been waiting.

You have been writing music scripts or even record yourself with your phone. Take a bold move, go to studio have your first audio out. You never know, it will terrorize the local waves and you can win a collabo with already established artist. That’s how your journey will move up the ladder will start.

Maybe you coded an app, which you shared with a friend then stopped. ‘My friend’, if WhatsApp was never developed just because Facebook and Instagram where operational, we could not be chatting from the comfort of our zones. To let you know actually, WhatsApp and Instagram were initially startups and with time, they got bought out by Facebook. You never know the future actually, your start up or idea can grow up to challenge even the existing ‘giants’. Or still, who knows, you get ‘bought up too’ by other large companies too, right? It’s a two-sided coin, you benefit, they benefit too.

Believing in yourself also entails closing one ear and nots listening to negative people.

There are people who are very conservative and do not believe in change. They will always discourage you and you will end up abandoning your idea. They are kind of people who will tell you, do not study law, they field is already full or with only Kenya Airways operating in Kenya, why study piloting, you will never be employed. They are the same people who will tell you your blog will not attract views and traffic since there are other established bloggers and will think with Diamond dominating the bongo music east Africa you can’t sing bongo and be successful.

I can spend hours and hours on the need to believe in ourselves and take action. It’s actually the theme of my blog too, believe in yourself.

You are the strongest that has ever been. See you on the other side!

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To Achieve your Potential, Actualize your ideas.

What is an idea?

It’s simply a thought which comes up in your mind.

From the definition, an idea can be seen to be a very minor thing but in real sense, you can’t achieve your goals without an idea. We all have different potentials and it’s not logical to compare yourself with anyone else. The best thing you can do is to learn from them and apply the knowledge in your own life.

We all are capable of thinking and coming up with very nice ideas. Most people dream, set goals and have the best ideas set in the future, they however don’t work on implementing them.

Take for instance, of course with human effort too. The original idea behind the seats and sofas we have today. If you can relate, someone had the idea of making ‘something’ people could sit on. There were logs before, then now the comfortable sofas came to place.

The initial idea behind computers was far away from laptops we have today. Abacus had an idea, developing a machine which could help in calculations. The Abacus machine could undergo a series of developments and thus today we can proudly use our smart phones. The Wright Brother’s idea must have sounded impossible on the first mention, they wanted to help people travel all over the world through air.

Not to be pessimistic, but I can imagine if they were in Africa, the amount of scorning, being accused of time wastage by parents or being termed as ‘crazy’ but they ignored them to have their idea become a reality.

I however acknowledge the great potential we have in Africans too.
The world is run by ideas which were implemented or where actions were taken. There are some people who sadly passed away with an idea which they never shared with anyone.
Where does the idea go? They were gone forever!

The ideas become a wastage for they don’t assist those who invent them and neither their friends.

It doesn’t matter the idea, if it’s good start somewhere. Your starting is not the issue but your will, attitude and determination. With these virtues, you can fight any battle. Ideas which are not shared just go to waste and thus we should work on what comes in our minds because it comes with a purpose.

Dream, work towards the dreams, and actualize them.

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I Write for US.

I write for us, lets make the change!

Today, I write to ourselves and for us. The human in us, the loving and caring heart and the voice which we can raise against a vice in the society. We can help but we doubt that. We have wished for change and would applaud anybody initiating that change when it is not us. We may not be rich neither philanthropist but there’s always that small thing we can share for somebody else who missed it. Mind you, sharing should not be taken as a measure of wealth but rather the size and will of our heart. Sharing should again not be limited to material goods because we can schedule our time to spend some minutes with a person who is lonely.
We have seen street children walking up and down in the corridors of our markets and towns. The only question which pops up our minds when we see them is probably,

“Where do they get their glue? “

We do not mind of where they sleep, what they wear or eat. We pretend not to see their needs and assume nothing can be done to change their situation. You and I think that they were created to loom in the streets, begging for the little coins we get as balances after we shop in the supermarket. When the supermarket opts for exchanging the coins with few sweets, we look the other side of the road when bypassing them.
As we run to catch our evening buses back home, we leave them parading along the shop verandahs or along the dark corners. They follow the pattern of wind because they have nowhere to go. Their supper is the banana you threw in the bin because it was over-ripe and could run your stomach, that ugali which was not well cooked or that yesternight ‘mchele’ which was making your kitchen smell.

Do you want to know their mattress, leave alone the pillow?

Maybe I tell you that their blanket is the coat they have been wearing all day long.

Our Father who is at heaven, hallowed is thy name. Thy kingdom come…

As we stretch in our duvets, they curl themselves in between the walls of kiosks; and that’s where the difference sets in. So, are we physically different from them?
The main difference is that we have parents and guardians while they do not have. Some don’t even have anyone to call a relative. When our guardians call to know of our progress and welfare, they are reminded that they are human beings by policemen roughing them up to clear their presence from the CBD. They worship God, just as we do. They hustle hard, just as we do.
I thought this message was better addressed to you and me.

‘We need to think together and stand to make the changes we would wish to see.’

We need to remember that the kids in the streets have washed-out dreams which can be reclaimed. They have suffered barbaric life experiences against their wish, which left them heart broken and their life’s hopeless. It is not late for your intervention. Your small action of kindness can bring that change we have yearned for. They do not deserve the suffering, I bet they were not created to loiter. Fate is evil, but we have always won battles with the devil.

You and I can win this.

There are rescue centers where these kinds of children can be taken for rehabilitation. In there, their basic needs are catered for free of charge. You can at times spend your time to visit them in there. Carry with you something you can share with them. Motivate them with a word or teach them a song, play and dance with them. Above all, pray for them for God’s hand is not shortened. Thank God for keeping them alive. Make them feel like they are your brothers and sisters.

Stand up today, and initiative a change!

I write for us, lets make the change!

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Let’s Learn to Accommodate Change.

They say change is inevitable, and that we cannot live without experiencing change in our lives. It is God sent and we should not run away from it but rather learn on how to bring out our best during times of change in our lives. Going against it can bring in some repercussions or take most of your time as you try to come into terms with it.

Take for instance when it is rainy season, yet you were used to wearing light clothes. If you don’t accept that it is time or a season of change, then you will end up hanging out with vests and shorts and the next to hear is that pneumonia held you on bed for days.

Accommodating change is making yourself flexible to change with the trends and accepting what comes our way as we think of how we can make a survival from whatever nature serves us with.

In most cases, change will be accompanied by nasty experiences or just crisis. It is during a season of change that you will experience what you have never experienced before, the unexpected will happen.

A change, especially that which is molding you to a better YOU will take down to your lowest moments; friends may leave you, your heart shall be broken, you will lose your job, floods will sweep away your shelter and the worst is you may even lose your beloved.
My friend, it is during such times that you should stay close to God to hear His message.

He will close the only door you saw but He will always have many doors which are open.
You should stay strong to succumb to the trials which He uses to make us stronger. Success does not come into a silver plate but after efforts of toiling and pressure. God will move you from your comfort zone to use you, to mold you and use challenges to strengthen you. The worst decision we can make is to give in to these challenges and assume that God has forsaken us, which is totally wrong.

Let’s have a look at our holy book, Bible. I would like us to remember the story of Abraham. When God decided to use him and make him the father of the whole nation, did He just knock his door and settled it in his sitting room? No. He told him to move from his neighborhood, from his relatives and from friends he used to hang out around with. Abraham was comfortable in Ur, but when God wanted to use him, his comfort zone was disturbed. He was moved to Haran.

In the book of exodus, we get the story of Moses. He was staying in the palace maybe enjoying the luxury of a prince. He was just comfortable moving around and maybe wondering why people kept on struggling. When God decided to use him, he gave him passion to lead, a spirit to enslave people. That saw him move from his comfort zone to become a shepherd in another land far away. Later God would meet him in form of a burning bush and Moses would take the mantle of taking the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land.

There are a lot of such stories. The story of Joseph, being sold by his brothers and what was his destiny? His journey to the highest position in Egypt not an easy one. Daniel and Esther too. They should open our inner eyes to realize whatever we see with our own eyes as life threats and crises, are ways God is using to make something good from us.

He uses them as a furnace to harden us so that once we come out we can make the impossible possible. He will use crises as an incubator, a place to learn and make mistakes, so that once we are out, we can face life without fear, with determination and goals to achieve. We will always work hard never to go back to the crises. The incubation period is also a stage of character development, God will instill discipline in you through such experiences. You will learn the importance of people, the kind of friends to keep, humility and Thanksgiving.

Resisting change is well as resisting what God has in place for our future. The bible says there’s time for everything.

Time to cry and time to laugh and so as we laugh, let’s remember a day is coming for us to cry. We should however not lose our hope when that day comes. It is usually a season and definitely comes to an end. We just need to be prepared for changes in our lives, both positive and those presenting challenges. That way, we will always pray God to keep us strong during such a times and allow Him to speak in our lives.

Let’s draw ourselves closer to him and pray that our tomorrow becomes greater. We may cry at night but remember joy comes in the morning.

Dedicated to Moi University finalists,2018.

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Edwin, Safiri Salama.

I had found a brother in you, Edwin. I still hold that you left this world earlier. Your memories are still fresh in my mind. Back in those days, in Moi university residing in C Houses No. 14 Room F. How time flies, you’re no longer in this world.

I remember the clips you used to download and bring them to our room for us to analyze after supper. All the Jeff Koinange Shows with Hon. Barrack Muluka and Dr. PLO Lumumba. I wish you would know that Muluka rose to be the Secretary General of ANC party. A lot has happened with the JKL show brother.
You remember how you loved the eloquence of Miguna Miguna? His excellent mastery of the queen’s language?
Just imagine he was suspended from Larry Madowo’s show, The Sidebar, but turned to a darling of the AM live show. The man changed his enemies. He joined Baba in NASA as the General of an activism wing branded National Resistance Movement – NRM.
Currently the general is in Canada after he was held incommunicado, later deported and accused of swearing in Hon. Raila Odinga. I must tell you that at long last we arrived in Canaan. The People’s President finally met the President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta. Though we are yet to witness any tangible outcome from their meeting, the two assured us that Kenya needed unity to heal and people to work together.

When Sheddy told me the sad news of your death, at first, I took it as a joke, you know how we used to joke. He had to schedule a meeting to convince me that accident took away your life. I almost believed when I called your line, and never went through. I even send a text which has never been delivered up to date. Guess what I typed?

Eduh, if you really ascended, dance with angels. We shall meet in the land above.”

You were a fan and a subscriber to my blog. You loved my articles, you shared them to your friends and encouraged me to keep on writing. I keep on going back to your comments. You promised to read any of my posts, anytime anywhere but that’s not possible for now.

Eduh, we are supposed to be graduating this year but UASU does not want to care about us. Their strikes are longer than the semesters. Their demands are bigger than my dreams. We are just patient that all will be well, here in Egypt. I wish you were with us here, calling you Engineer Edwin as you referred me as Governor. I will delete your Facebook account from my list of friends, I will unfollow you on twitter but you will still remain to be my follower. You will still remain to be in the list of the followers of this blog.

You could have died another later day. It’s a long day without you, my friend. I feel broken and a line drawn. I will tell you all the stories when I see you again.

I curse the accident which consumed your life. I curse the day you breathed your last. I curse the day you were laid to rest, never to wake up again.

I know you ascended, dance with angels. The world is perishing, with all it’s good people. This is not our real home. I know where we belong. We shall meet again in the land above.



I Write For Them.

I write for them. You know them, you’ve even met them. I don’t want to contradict with your meaning or what comes to your mind when one talks of them.

Am talking of single mothers. Mothers who mostly through unfortunate and regretful circumstances, they find them themselves single in the world of parenthood. They endure a lot in raising their children.

Think of one young, uneducated, unskilled mother of one, who at one point had thought she had met Dr. Love, the one. By then, everything seemed okay. Full of anxiety, she gave out her life to Dr. Love, without even doubt or having second thoughts.
Its called a one-night stand, unluckily, this one goes unprotected, as I said, she has nothing to be scared.

Our naive lady gets pregnant and that’s the last time she’ll ever enjoy the warmth of her soon to be husband. Remember the promises Dr. Love had been lamenting all over, future real estate businesses in Kite (Kitengela-Kenya). The memories are still fresh in the mind.

Heartbroken, she decides to take up the responsibility of the pregnancy, giving birth to a cute baby boy, coming along with unpaid hospital bills and no one to help nurse the newborn.
She has no option but to take the child to her parents or even her elder sister and soon disappears to town.

A town where capitalism is more than religion. Everybody for themselves. Any job that comes up is okay, its all for money, right? Bar tending, strippers, name them, any would do for now. She must send money home to raise her kid, doesn’t she? Her motivation is to provide the best for her son, hoping they don’t live to suffer and endure such situations like her mother. She faces life without fear, always prepared for anything that comes at her way, should she care? Not at all, she has no such option.

Trouble doesn’t end there.
(Years later)

Our now grown lady and mum receives calls from her sons university administration. Apparently, her son has been drinking, clubbing all sorts of irresponsible behavior. The son has missed almost all classes, and only appears for exams, occasionally. Disciplinary actions of course, and expulsion, for now, is not avoidable. Mum composes herself, not showing despair. She at one point thinks the son inherited the character from his dad, but she dismisses the thought. The son is somehow remorseful after causing such a stare.

“My dear son, do not cry for someone got you. I will give you all my love for you are what I have. I will give you all I can, to make you grow and life a better life than mine”. Does the son understand this? I highly doubt.

She doesn’t know when her son is going to secure a permanent job and finally settle. For now, she holds on strong, running her normal errands in Muthurwa-Nairobi. Being roughed up by county-askaris is no worry for now. It happens, a lot.

She cannot give up waking very early for Gikomba market and close her business late when her colleagues have already left, fearing for robbery, kidnapping, rape or roughed up by the street boys.
By 2.00 am she makes her calculations for the day.
The profit, she sends to her son via M-pesa to ‘fill his gas cylinder when she is renting a mud-walled house in Kibera.
As she lays down to sleep, all she asks God is to answer her prayers through her son.

I write for her, Mom. I write for all of them, rather. The unsung heroines of our time.

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Make the First step, the Second… Keep moving.


Life is like a journey. Our destination is right beside our success. At times, we encounter challenges and almost begin losing hope. The reality often is, we are not alone, there are a lot of people out there going through such similar experiences.

One day, youll look back at the far you’ve come and smile. By then, your brand will have been established.
In case you have any idea in 2017, start implementing it. We may not celebrate you this year but tomorrow you may be a mentor to someone. Remember, there are students in secondary schools and pupils back in primary school. A time shall come when these generation will be looking for example, a motivation book to read. Woe unto you if you had the idea but ignored with an excuse that either the market is flooded, or you thought your book will not get audience. A time shall come and maybe your children will say, “Mummy I need a simple book to read over the midterm”
. That’s when you will think of going to the nearest cyber to type those “simple ” words of encouragement and print a handout for your son. That’s when you would wish that you could have better done it before.

The generation behind us is a bit more enlightened because of the entrant of new technology. They will be looking up for mentors and fortunately few of them may approach you. Will you just dismiss them away?  Simply because you have nothing to encourage someone 18+ years down you?

This is your time. To practice your talent, to master well your passion, to develop and improve your brand. You need to harm yourself with facts about your field so that if, in case somebody asks for your guidance, you can very well do it. If you have an idea, take the boldest first step. That’s where you will start. You will now be getting ideas on how to improve. People will know your direction, and your like-minded ones will join you. Otherwise, how can one advice you when they don’t know what you want in life?

Can you escort somebody who doesn’t know where he/she is heading?

We all remember Thomas Edison, the founder of lighting bulb. It all started with an idea. He decided to work on it, regardless of the challenges which came on his way. Do you know that he failed around 10,000 times before he could successfully make a bulb which lit? History books do not write of the failures and neither does any motivational speaker. Why? People will not remember your failures but your achievements. It’s only you who knows the challenges you went through. I was imagining, suppose Mr. Thomas gave up at the 100th time?

We at times fail to take the first step, because of fear; fear of the unknown, fear of failure or fearing of what people will take us. Dear reader, gather up courage and step forward. You will even wonder, nothing awkward shall happen. People will talk, yes and what next? They’re used to and they will never stop. The best thing is to strategically listen to their criticism and correct the mistakes. That’s how you will grow.

Do you know Akothee? She got married at the age of 14 years. She got two children and was divorced by the then husband. I do not want to discuss much about her but let’s imagine of the odds she was going against when she was joining music! A mother, a divorcee joining an industry mostly dominated by beauty queens, single ladies and the so-called divas. She however managed to rise to the top of the ladder and as at now, she has established her brand in music. Akothee is a brand.


The Kenya’s fourth president, H. E Uhuru Kenyatta   started his political journey back in 1997,when he contested against Moses Mwihia for the Gatundu South parliamentary seat. He lost. In 2002 general elections, he failed again when he lost to Mwai Kibaki. He never gave up. Herealized his dream in 2012, despite having charges against humanity in the Netherlands-based International Criminal Court (ICC).
You never know when you shall enjoy your dream brand. That day will definitely come. Take the first step today , and start growing from there. Interact with the like minds, associate with those who can build you and pray. Just don’t give up.